What is a CTE Course?

Career and Technology Education (CTE)

What are CTE Classes?

CTE stands for Career and Technical Education. In the world of high school (and somewhat in middle school ), students must take core classes (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies). Core classes are not optional, however, there is often some choice of core classes students can pick such as biology or aquatic science. Both will get them a science credit which is mandatory. 

Elective Classes:

Then there are the “elective classes” which students can choose based on subjects they are interested in. These classes can be in Fine Arts, Athletics, Music, or CTE. So CTE classes are a type of elective class that focuses on work skills and career readiness. 

CTE Classes:

In middle school, students take some “CTE” classes to begin gaining some exposure to different careers that are available and also to find a subject they like that they may want to pursue at the high school level.

Since not all students want to go to college, many high schools often offer a “career pathway” which is a sequence of courses students take to become proficient in a subject that they might want as a career. 

Some career pathways might be:

  • Audio/Video/Film
  • Hospitality
  • Culinary Arts
  • Engineering
  • Photography
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • and more (there are many!)

Benefits of CTE Courses:

Why Take CTE Classes?

In addition to teaching specific career skills, CTE classes also teach students “soft skills” which are also very important for career readiness. Soft skills prepare students to work with others, meet deadlines, gain public speaking practice, make presentations, and other valuable skills that will help them in whatever future career path they choose.

CTE courses offer a lot of benefits that will help students in their future. They can also give students the chance to meet industry professionals and gain work experience. The great thing about CTE is that there is something for everyone to explore and learn about while they are in school. CTE can be a wonderful opportunity for students to find out what they might like to do for a career and get some hands on training before paying for a college degree or technical certificate. 

If you are considering adding CTE curriculum to your homeschool student’s learning, it could give them a nice opportunity to learn about career possibilities, have some fun, and explore their creativity..  



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